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A place dedicated to promote crossover fanvids (tv, movies).

This is a community dedicated to crossover videos (better known as "fanvids") of Movies/Tv Shows. Crossover stands for any kind of combination between two different fandoms, eg Faith/Dean (Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Supernatural crossover).

Things You Can Do Here;
Please read the rules before posting
1. Promote any new fanvids you've made.
2. Promote your community.
3. Recommend fanvids (here).
4. Request fanvids/Give ideas for crossovers.

Posting Rules;
1. All posts must contain crossover fanvids only. Crossovers must contain two or more fandoms (movies, tv shows) and characters that distinctively represent their respective fandoms (eg for BtVS/AtS we will accept Xander/Fred but not Buffy/Angel).
2. If you are posting a fanvid you can include the following info (not obligatory):

3. If you would like to recommend a fanvid you did not make but think it's worth a look, please refer to the recs post.
4. When posting more than one fanvid please use an Lj-cut. You can either embed the fanvid or link to it using an image.
5. You can request fanvids. If this is the case, you can post a new entry with the following info:

Subject: Request

6. If you're filling a request add in the subject "Request: (fandoms)" and mention the user that requested it.

Please tag your entries as follows:
- Include a tag for every fandom you use (tv or movie):
tv: supernatural, tv: buffy the vampire slayer
movie: underworld, movie: pirates of the caribbean
- If you can't find the tag for a particular fandom please add the following:
and i will add it ASAP.
- When posting a request only include the following tag:
- If you are advertising a community only include:

You can promote your community here as long as you agree to let me promote xover_fanvids too. You can use one of our banners located here.

!!!Any post that does not contain a fanvids/requests or valid comm advertisement will be deleted. Abusers will be banned.

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